Generating new customers and retaining customers top challenge for small/medium businesses

A telephone study of over 400 small business owners in the third quarter of 2008 revealed some interesting data. Well over half (51.9%) said that “Generating and keeping customers” is the toughest challenge they face.

If you’ve been reading these posts for some time, you know that I have been pontificating on this issue for some time. I’ve told you why your CMO is your most important hire, how to avoid mistakes in hiring salespeople and how to leverage inbound marketing. But I’ve not only talked about it, I’ve done something about it.

My new company Find New Customers launched a series of educational events for my target audience. My goal is to build trust over time so they turn to me when they choose to solve problems. That is the approach sales leaders need to take today.

To view the invitation for this upcoming webinar, please follow the following link.

Airlines 2.0: Using Technology for Innovative Branding Through the Recession.

For companies looking for best practices in b2b lead generation who wish to improve the way they acquire new customers, Find New Customers is the place to go.  CSO Insights says companies need to improve the way they generate leads and implement processes for business to business lead generation.

Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is a demand generation expert and sales leader, as well as the President of Find New Customers, a lead generation company, who helps businesses create lead generation campaigns and continually publishes the best lead generation ideas, so his readers can determine the best lead generation strategy to find new customers.  He can be reached at (516) 284-4930 or

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