The State of B2B Sales 2009 — by CSO Insights

Every year I love the arrival of this document — it is a fascinating read.

I am shocked by the mistakes made by business leaders in selecting, training, compensation and managing salespeople.  Every year CSO Insights does an in-depth study of sales that presents the reader with hard facts for decision making.  Every leader responsible for sales and marketing should read it.

Hire an experienced salesperson for a new territory and expect him to close a deal in 90 days  (as certain UK company did)?  You are dreaming.  It doesn’t happen anymore.  Sales is much more complex and nuanced.

You can get the full document by contacting CSO Insights.

Please read it online and do not print it — if you can.  It is well over 200 pages.

I’d love to discuss what I see in this with you.  Why don’t you contact me at 516-284-4930 or

One thought on “The State of B2B Sales 2009 — by CSO Insights

  1. Highlight the Add-ins tab and then hit the GO button to view the add-ins.
    Doing so will save you a great deal of time and from the anonymous hassles.
    Best of all, it’s free: only the nominal $8 a month fee still applies.

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