Tactical sales tools — getting though to customers


I had the opportunity to visit a very interesting company in New Jersey this week, Acrelic Interactive and see their product, WarpSales.    As a longtime user of a competitive product, I was very interested in the capabilities of WarpSales, and I wish to share what I learned with my readers.

The vast majority of phone calls placed to decision makers goes  to voice mail.  While leaving quality voice mails is important, it is much more valuable to speak LIVE to a real decision maker.

  • How do you maximize your connect rate?
  • How do you track follow-ups — be they email or phone calls?

WarpSales goes right to the heart of this problem.  It tracks email opens and website visits — and ages them.  Why age them?  Because the research shows that a call 15-20 minutes after viewing an email is the ideal time to call.  Acrelic clients are seeing live connect rates of 40% or so.  That is a remarkable number!  And the ROI on a tool like WarpSales is huge.

I’d love to discuss these ideas with you.  Please call (516) 284-4930 or send an email to JeffLOgden@gmail.com.

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