IBM’s grand idea for making $ — solve BIG problems

While most companies offer products and services, and then look for customers for those products and services, IBM has found success using a very different approach.  Find some really big problems and get paid very well for solving those problems.  (Fortune, May 4, 2009 “IBM’s Grand Plan to Save the Planet.”) Not long ago, IBM… Read More

The remarkable power of thought leadership for inbound marketing

Check this out, friends. A simple process leads to great results with a terrific marketing lesson. I take a business problem — finding new customers.  I find a paying sponsor and write a killer white paper.  I post it to Find New Customers and tell some friends.  I also start networking and set up interviews, podcasts… Read More

How to Find New Customers is a bonifide hit!

“For all the hype and talk surrounding the demand generation movement, there still hasn’t been that one piece that puts everything together for marketers. How to Find New Customers IS that whitepaper — making it a Must Read.” Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic, Tippit Please visit Tippit to learn about them as they are a terrific… Read More

Helping you implement a world class demand generation program

To acquire new customers and crush competitors. Jeff is available to help make this a reality for you and your business.  If you’d like to learn more about how this is done, please visit and read the white paper, How to Find New Customers. For a complementary assessment, please call (516) 284-4930 or send… Read More

COMPLIMENTARY Sales Stimulus Package Preview Call

Here’s your chance to learn from top sales experts and not spend a dime. You’ll get fresh ideas and strategies on how to build your pipeline, reach the real decision makers, increase your cold calling effectiveness, leverage email for prospecting and much more. Tuesday, April 21 at 1 pm ET This preview call features: Colleen… Read More

Boost Your Sales With the New Sales Stimulus Package

With the economy in turmoil right now, sellers everywhere are facing major challenges. We keep hearing stories about: Stressed out, hyper-cautious prospects who are unwilling to meet or move forward. Sales opportunities that grind to a screeching halt or disappear altogether. Declining business from existing customers who are also struggling with the economy. Now, more… Read More