Line of Sight — from buyers back through R&D

Does your company make stuff, hand it to marketing and then tell sales to sell it?  If so, you’re working backwards.  Turn that process upside down. Here’s what I mean: What’s on the buyers mind?  What does he care about?  What are his priorities?  Where does he turn for information?  How does he uncover problems… Read More

The lead nurturing movement

Attended an interesting webinar today with the Funnelholic, Craig Rosenberg, and Tony Jaros of Sirius Decisions.  If  you don’t know those men, you should.  Though this topic I know inside and out, I still heard some interesting insights from Tony. Craig started with an interesting story.  His grandfather needed a new car.  In the past,… Read More

Hey Job-Seekers! Get Back to Work Faster is live and 100% free

Get Back to Work Faster is now live and 100% free. Events with leading experts A 170 page e-Manual by sales expert Jill Konrath. A case study on the Fearless Competitor Training videos and more! And did I mention, it’s 100% free! For companies looking for best practices in b2b lead generation who wish to improve… Read More

3 Key Challenges for B2B Sellers – and what to do about each

Imagine this:  You run a business that has been doing fine.  Suddenly your customers start delaying purchases and budgets are slashed.   Leads begin drying up.  Cash flow slows while the bills keep coming in.  Reluctantly and painfully, you begin cutting staff in order to cut expenses. Unfortunately, this imagined scenario is all too real… Read More

New times means new metrics/measures for your CEO and CFO

CMOs are under tremendous pressure to produce results from marketing spend.   In fact, the average tenure of a CMO is under two years.   It seem like all eyes are looking at you. Why is this happening and what can we do about it? In this post, I share how I recommend you speak with your CEO… Read More

Lead Nurturing Belongs in Your Recession Strategy

I’m pleased to present this guest post by marketing expert Ardath Albee.  Please visit her at MarketingInteractions and to learn more, please visit Find New Customers. by Ardath Albee, CEO, Marketing Interactions I’ve seen so many posts about how to fight the negative impacts of a recession on business success that it’s making me crazy.… Read More