Cut out the TLA’s

Rebel Brown called them four letter words, but I like to call them TLA’s. What’s a TLA?  It an acronym like SOA, CRM, ERP, BPM, etc.  Three Letter Acronyms.  Duh! It’s meaningless technobable.  No one buys TLA’s. They look for solutions to business problems.  People ask questions using English.  Business people look for answers using… Read More

Need To Optimize Mobile Deliverability Heightens As Smartphones Expand

Written by Amanda Ferrante for the DemandGen Report With the growth of smartphones and mobile Web usage exploding, email marketers are tasked with the challenge of delivering relevant, rich content to customers that can be read and interpreted over the mobile phone. Industry experts say the design of emails is critical, as the mobile phone offers a… Read More

Let your customers do the selling

Whom do buyers trust?  They trust credible people, like customers and partners. On your website, you should have video clips of your customers talking about the results they got from your products or services.  Put it front and center.  Short, direct and the the point.  Check out Avitage to see a great example of how… Read More

The best lead generation blogs – all in one place

One of the things that marketers find difficult is finding fresh and innovative ideas in marketing campaigns, lead generation, demand generation, or as I like to say, find new customers. There’s a new website that brings you the best of all the lead generation blogs.  The B2B Marketing Zone.  The B2B Marketing Zone is a marketing… Read More

How to Find New Customers

“Don’t know how I connected w Jeff Ogden, but he’s author of hot white paper “How to Find New Customers.” Liked it a lot. So much written re: demand gen, but most is too complex. Ogden makes it simple, so it’s a ‘Must Read” and him a ‘Must Interview.’ Craig Rosenberg, the Funnelholic, in an… Read More

The 2 Biggest Mistakes of B2B Sellers

The bottom line: Companies need to find and acquire new customers.  But most don’t do it very well. Companies suffer from being overly dependent in two critical areas: Revenue from existing customers:Executives tell me they get as much as 75% or even 85% of revenue from existing customers and very little from new customers.That’s not… Read More