3 ingredients of business success today

In this tough marketplace with companies struggling to make their numbers, I will share an idea in hopes it helps you.  I like to think its the Holy Grail of business today — just three simple things businesses need to get ahead today. For full results,  you need all three.  One or two won’t do… Read More

What’s Prospect-Driven Marketing. How can it help improve sales?

Is any type of marketing collateral or activity appropriate to use when connecting with prospects? Of course not! Early in the buyer process, you might want to use more informative and educational materials, while later in the process you might want to become more specific about your solutions. The real question is how do you… Read More

ROI on sales — more of the interview with Jim Burns of Avitage

This is part of a continuing series on my podcast interview of Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage.  In this question, I asked Jim how he might deal with a CEO who insists on having his salespeople “dial for dollars” with what I term “naked cold-calling.”  You should also check out Avitage’s new website, Think Like… Read More

The Importance of Lead Nurturing SalesBuzz Radio appearance

Hey Jeff, Here are some great stats on the show.  We had 180 live listeners for your radio show (80 more than our largest live audience thus-far). In the one week since we aired the show, about 450 people have listened to it.  That’s more total listeners than all but two of our shows (and… Read More

Making lemonade from lemons: A CEO’s humbling experience navigating this uncharted economic storm

(Author’s note) Kathleen Steffey is the CEO of Naviga Business Services, a terrific company and a wonderful person.  But like most people-businesses today, her business is facing unprecedented challenges.  This is why this personal story rang home with me.  I really feel for her and bet you will too. If there is one lesson I’ve learned as a… Read More

What’s this thing called Marketing Automation?

More on my interview with Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage.  In this question, I ask Jim “What kind of mistakes people make with marketing automation and what can they do to get more out of it in this economic downturn?” Jim responds: The first challenge is “What is this thing called marketing automation?  How does… Read More

A very different kind of channels programme

I’m proud to say that Find New Customers has its first channels partner, Business Intelligence Solutions.   Good guys.  Work with them if you get a chance. But I also wish to share just how radically different this channels program is from the ones you all know.  We used a radically different approach: Before starting… Read More

Mastering the Customer Success Cycle

Great post from Illuminating the Future blog.  Mastering the Customer Success Cycle. Very similar to the podcast I did with John Keenan, former VP at Oracle.  John talks CARE process — Customer Acquisition, Retention and Expansion and argues that companies need to focus on thee entire process. Both men are right.  Companies buy businesss improvement… Read More

How even small/medium companies can compete with marketing automation today

More from my interview with Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage.  In this question, I ask Jim for examples of how marketing automation can be improved with strong content.  After a great story, Jim summarizes: JB:  We think the technology’s going to solve the problem and it isn’t.  It requires a process, it requires a program,… Read More