Lead nurturing — critical but poorly understood

I had the opportunity to be interviewed two times last week.  Both of these interviewers want to speak with me about lead nurturing. What’s lead nurturing?  It’s process of sharing compelling and interesting information that builds trust with target clients, regardless of their timing to buy. One of my favorite questions was this:  Is lead… Read More

6 Marketing Tips from the Fearless Competitor

The world of today is so different from the world most of us grew up in.  So  let’s share 6 key tips to growing your business in this tough economy.  And I’ll also share a great quote from Brian Halligan CEO of Hubspot “Today businesses compete on share of brain, and not share of wallet.”… Read More

The similarities between 9/11 military response and business

In his new book The Lies They Told, author John Farmer explains how years after the Cold War ended, the government was set up to fight the Russian threat. Three F-16’s were scrambled to form a combat air patrol over Washington, but the radio quality was so poor, the pilots had no idea why the… Read More

How to Find New Customers turns Green and embraces social networking

As most of you know, How to Find New Customers is the highly acclaimed white paper sponsored by Marketo.  It was written early in 2009 with the help of someone whom I respect deeply, Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies and founder of the Sales SheBang for women sales executives. I’m happy to report… Read More

Marketo’s secret sauce for lead generation

As you probably know, Marketo is the sponsor of How to Find New Customers.  They are my business partner.  And they are one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA.  How did they do it? I highly recommend you watch Jon Miller, their VP of Marketing share the Marketo Secret Sauce for Lead Generation.  It’s… Read More

Steps for creating a true lead nurturing program

This great post on lead nurturing appeared on Brian Carroll’s B2B Lead Generation blog.  I’m a big fan of Brian’s content, so I wish to share it with my readers too.  You can read the original post by clicking on True Lead Nurturing.  You can also visit our Education page on Lead Nurturing. _______________________________________________________ Sometimes… Read More

Great new book on how small companies can sell to big companies

Recently I was invited to do an Internet Radio called The SalesBuzz.  Not only was my show a huge hit, but I met a bunch of great sales experts at The Brooks Group.  Very, very sharp and savvy people. You can check out my hit show by clicking The Importance of Lead Nurturing. The folks at The… Read More

How to Write Proposals, Sales Letters and Reports

I’d like to alert my readers to a book coming out on November 10th.  Very important topic by a great author. We’re in a tough economic climate. Successful proposals and sales letters can be the difference between maintaining and building a business or seeing it decline. For those who find business writing intimidating, and many… Read More