My experience with Inbound Marketing University

(Editor’s Note – We recently learned that offers this blog on Kindle for just $.99 a month.) How to Blog Effectively for Business (GF101) Inbound Marketing is red-hot. 9 out of 10 buyers say they find sellers. As a result, cold callers are competing over table scraps. That’s why I’m taking the Inbound Marketing… Read More

My thought leadership interview at Marketo

Recently, Marketo — a marketing automation company with an extremely popular blog called Modern B2B Marketing contacted me and invited me to share my expertise in B2B demand generation with their readers.  While this article will soon post to their blog, I’m delighted to also be able to share these insights with my readers. Here are… Read More

“The Office” and the world of sales

The most recent episode of The Office was all about “New Leads.” Salespeople were going crazy, looking for the latest leads from corporate.  Of course, Michael screwed it up and the leads ended up in the dump. This episode rang true for me. Salespeople need leads, and the techniques of the past, such as cold… Read More

Are You Going Too Far in Your Sales Calls?

Special guest article by Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies.  She’s my all-time favorite and I’m pleased to share the great article with my readers. Call me a prude if you will, but I’ve had it with sellers who are totally clueless that they’re going too far, too fast in their initial meeting with… Read More

Inside the mind of the B2B buyer — demand generation training

Another great session with Genius and DemandGen Report yesterday on the results of their survey of B2B buyers. The bottom line: the world is very different from the way it used to be. If you are using traditional outbound selling approaches, such as cold calling and email blasts, it’s barely working. I also got an… Read More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone

Jeff Ogden is President of Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple” He’s also the author of two highly acclaimed white papers, How to Find New Customers and Definitive Guide to Making Quota, as well the ebook, Prospect Driven Marketing. Find New Customers helps business develop and implement programs to improve the way they find and… Read More