Thought Leadership Interview #1: Kevin Temple of Enterprise Selling

I’m pleased to bring you the first in a series of interviews with thought leaders in B2B Sales and Marketing. First up is sales expert Kevin Temple of Enterprise Selling. If you like what Kevin has to say, all of his contact information is included as well.  I wish to thank Kevin for his contributions… Read More

Random acts of marketing (Why you need outside help)

I was having a great conversation with a Vice President at a $100MM West Coast software firm when she told me: “We’re kind of old school, Jeff. We just engage in random acts of marketing.” What she was referring to was their tendency to run multiple marketing campaigns without insights into prospective buyers. Unfortunately, what… Read More

If you’re afraid to fail, you will

That’s the lesson I took from the article on Robert Iger, CEO of Disney in Sunday Morning’s New York Times, “Is Disney’s Iger Having a Cinderella Moment?”  History – and boards – reward the brave and audacious. $7 billion to purchase Pixar? Reorganize the movie studio and lose a dozen top execs, including a very popular… Read More

The results of “best marketing company” are in

The results are in. O(Contests are a great idea for your lead generation programs, by the way. Out of 480 votes in total HubSpot  was the winner, with 172 votes Marketo with 97 votes with 83 votes Eloqua had 53 votes Market2Lead had 53 votes Pardot had 5 votes had 2 votes Bizzagent… Read More

How companies miss the boat on experience

The single most common requirement in a job description is industry experience.  If you don’t have banking, backup software, insurance, etc. experience, you need not apply. But in my mind, this is a BIG mistake. Experience Matters Not (or barely) My goal in this blog post is to explore why this is a red herring… Read More

Crafting White Paper 2.0: My interview with Jonathan Kantor of Appum

“White papers remain the most effective piece of marketing collateral (for lead generation programs), with 80% of respondents finding them moderately to highly influential in the purchasing decision.” (Eccolo Media) But in this world of hundreds of TV channels, YouTube, Twitter, et al, readers are swimming in information.  How does a powerful lead generation tool… Read More

Content Marketing: Publishing is the New Marketing

Find New Customers recently hosted a webinar featuring Joe Pulizzi of Junta42 and co-author of Get Content, Get Customers for a terrific presentation on this topic. Why does content matter? Almost 95% of buyers said the solution provider they chose provided “ample content to help navigate them through each step of the buying process. Less… Read More