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White paper class with the Appum Group

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Now a step-by-step approach to creating great white papers!

New Online Class: White Paper 101 – A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Highly Engaging White Papers.

It seems that every small, medium, and enterprise-sized company is using white papers today to generate leads and promote their business. Why?

Countless numbers of business surveys and polls point to the fact that executive decision makers seek, read, and trust white papers to make highly informed business decisions. Since 2000, the number of businesses and industries that have produced business white papers to generate leads, establish market leadership, and grow their business has literally skyrocketed!

For example, for two years in a row, over 84% of business executives surveyed by Eccolo Media indicated that white papers were “extremely influential” in decision making. In 2009, a similar poll conducted by Information Week showed that 68% to 76% of surveyed executives use white papers to investigate solutions and vendors or to boost their own general education. There is no other business communications vehicle today that has been as effective in generating quality leads as white papers!

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines and considering adding this highly influential business information medium to your marketing arsenal, here’s your chance.

As a white paper marketing professional who has spent the last two decades producing exceptional commercial white papers, I’m happy to announce an exclusive online class that will teach you with everything you need to know to create highly engaging white papers for your business. It’s called, White Paper 101: A Step-by-Step Approach to Creating Highly Engaging White Papers.

This three-part course will walk you though each step in the white paper development process, from strategizing and planning your white paper project, to writing and developing your white paper content, and sprucing up your white paper with visual enhancements that attract reader attention and deliver bottom-line messages. I’ll also cover how to promote your finished white paper on your website and via social media.

With these sessions, I will teach you the tricks of the trade that has lead to my success with white papers over the past 13 years. In these classes, you’ll
learn everything you need to craft highly engaging white papers that will attract reader attention, delivery essential business messages, and most importantly, generate leads and new business opportunities.

Whether you work for a business or are self-employed, this class will take your white paper marketing skills to the next level.

Here’s to your exciting new future with white papers!

I look forward to interacting with you,

Jonathan Kantor
Founder of

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