Thank you, Jill Konrath. America owes you a debt of gratitude

Get Back to Work FasterIf you agree with this post, I hope you take the time to contact Jill and convey to her how this benefited you.

A couple of hours ago Jill Konrath sent a newsletter to the subscribers to Get Back to Work Faster. In it she announced there would be no more newsletters or webinars. In effect, Get Back to Work Faster ended.

Jill says GBTWF started when her brother lost his job. She had planned to do it for a year, but stayed with it for 18 months. It’s understandable that pro bono work can only go on so long. We all need to support our families.

To say this initiative was popular would be the understatement of the century. Jill was interviewed by Tory Johnson for ABCNews. Her webinars were almost always over capacity. And many thousands signed up.

Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath

I feel I speak for all of America, Jill, when I say:

Thank you!

What you accomplished in 18 months is remarkable and invaluable.

For frustrated job seekers, it’s a breath of fresh air when you say “I believe the old way of getting a job is broken and it’s demeaning. I truly believe that job seekers need fresh strategies.”

Yes, Jill, the old way involves blasting out resumes for online job listings  – a loser of a strategy, but thousands of job seekers have used those approaches, which led to continual frustration and even desperation. In fact, this approach put many job seekers into dire straights – lost homes, bare cupboards, etc.

My heart goes out to them, but Jill created a treasure trove of content for professionals at Get Back to Work Faster that will last for another year. In fact, a list of useful content includes:

For me personally, it was a huge honor to be associated with this project – to be the person who, as Jill said “Jeff Ogden allowed his own job search to be highlighted, dissected and renovated in Get Back to Work Faster. His willingness to bare his own situation has impacted many.”

In reality, I’m no longer in job search mode. Today, I run Find New Customers, a company founded last year by me which has become a fast growing lead generation marketing firm helping btob companies with 150 to 5,000 employees who sells complex products to other businesses plagued by lengthy sales cycles to implement lead generation programs to fill coffers with high quality sales leads.

We have wonderful clients like Aprimo, OneSource and Marketo, as well as strong supporters like Eloqua and Avitage. In fact, we were recently a featured guest on HubspotTV.

Can you please convey your thanks too? If Get Back to Work Faster has affected you in a positive way, I urge you to convey your own thanks to Jill. You can check out Jill and contact her via the websites below.

Jill Konrath
Author, Get Back to Work Faster, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

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