Gobbledy-gook example – How NOT to do B2B lead generation

B2B Lead Generation | Gobbledy-Gook Words

“No one cares about your products and services except you” David Meerman Scott

Even today, companies fail this lesson. This company is a textbook case on how NOT to generate sales leads.

This is real content from the real website of a real software company in the Boston area. I find it appalling as it violates all rules of b2b lead generation. As a result, salespeople do not get the quality sales leads they need and fiscal results suffer.

(We changed the name of the offending company to Buzzco to avoid offending anyone.)

It’s filled with Gobbledy-Gook – buzzwords, TLAs (three letter acronyms) and industry jargon and takes a me-first point of view. (“You” is a VERY powerful word in marketing. Check out this slogan “You’re Gonna Like the way you look. I guarantee it.”) In reality, the right way is simple language, no acronyms, and a customer point of view. Talk about the problems your products solve, not the products themselves.

For more information, see “16 B2B Marketing Terms to Ban in 2011.” We also invite you to download the free ebook by Mr. Scott entitled “The Gobbledy-Gook Manifesto.” (Click link or the ebook image.)

In the book Content Rules, Ann Handley and CC Chapman talk about using human language in marketing. After all, you are selling to people when you are doing sales lead generation.

Is this human language? When your family sits down for dinner, is this the way you talk with your spouse and kids?Confused Isn’t SOAP for taking a bath?

“How is that semi-structured database coming, honey?”

MDEX Engine™

A High-Powered Database at the Heart of the Buzzco IAP

At the core of the Buzzco Information Access Platform (IAP) is the MDEX Engine, our innovative semi-structured database that provides advanced capabilities for high-performance search and information access across the entire spectrum of structured and unstructured enterprise data.

Through a powerful combination of search, navigation and other specialized features, the MDEX Engine is able to guide users to the right content—no matter where it may be. Users also can discover additional information they were not previously aware of through summaries that improve their business decisions.

Key MDEX Engine Features Include:

Integrated API

All queries and responses leverage a unified API, so you’ll always get the same answer in response to a request, whether entering search words or selecting options from a menu. Results can also be in the form of Guided Navigation® menus, charts or analytics.

Semi-Structured Database

Each record has its own set of attributes based on the original source data as well as any metadata added by Buzzco during data integration, simplifying modelling requirements and ensuring new content can easily be added in the future.

Generational Data Updates

New information can be added without impairing application up-time, ensuring your data is always current and available. Physical storage is also automatically managed, unlike relational databases and systems that require costly administrative tuning.


For secure search requirements, access credentials can be indexed and filters applied to restrict user access to content.

Performance & Scalability

Buzzco systems run on 64-bit platforms, support a distributed model for large scale applications, and allow queries to be threaded to take advantage of multi-core hardware architectures.

End-to-End Web Services Support

Our MDEX Engine API responds to queries from any application through a SOAP web service. Additionally, a web service is provided for loading data and configuration meta-data to the MDEX Engine.


New features can be added through the XQuery programming language and exposed to applications as web services. XQuery extensions to the MDEX Engine keep business logic separated from application presentation logic and execute the data-intensive operations efficiently and consistently at the data tier servers.

See how Buzzco is leading the industry in enterprise buzzword technology and empowering more than 600 leading organizations such as …..

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Jeff Ogden is President of Find New CustomersDemand Generation Made Simple” Find New Customers helps companies rapidly grow revenue by transforming how they attract, engage and win new customers. Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 495-9350 or sending an email to sales at findnewcustomers.com


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