Find New Customers: Social Marketing to the Business Customer

Can you market to business customers using social approaches today? Social Media expert Paul Gillin tackles this question in his new book, Social Marketing to the Business Customer. When you buy the book, we invite you to turn to Chapter 12 to read Lead Generation. Paul quotes me as President of Find New Customers on pages… Read More

Can you hear me now? Get the word out on your business!

Are you looking to get the word out on your business? Do you feel invisible? We can help. Maybe you need a really big megaphone. We might be able to help. We’re something of rock stars and we can turn you into rock stars too. One key point – shouting doesn’t work. But social networks… Read More

The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010 – Final Recap

We’ve been talking about this for weeks, so we will close here. The final standings are: 4. Laugh and Learn with the Fearless Competitor (3%) 3. Juan Eloqua by Eloqua (6%) 2. You Don’t Know Jack (about online marketing) by Marketo (36%) 1. Suitemates by Kinaxis (55%) Here’s recap of the winners. Juan Eloqua This… Read More