Hubspot TV – featuring @fearlesscomp of Find New Customers

Maybe you were tied up. Maybe you were on the phone. Maybe you were sleeping. How else could you have missed it live? No matter. Here’s HubspotTV from November 19, 2010 featuring Yours Truly with Mike Volpe and Karen Rubin. It was a lot of fun for Mike, Karen and me, and I hope you… Read More

Find New Customers: Just what is “Inbound Marketing?”

Hubspot (a superb marketing organization!) talks about it a relentlessly and, without question, inbound marketing IS the single most important part of your b2b lead generation programs. (We recommend about 80% inbound and 20% outbound – but not 100% inbound.) Inbound marketing also matters because outbound marketing  leads to online research. If you attract prospective… Read More

Find New Customers: Most intimate marketing channel – the smartphone

Mobile is poised to explode in 2011! Especially now that Verizon Wireless has the iPhone. It’s your best friend, as well as your worst enemy. You have it with you all the time. I cannot walk the streets of Manhattan without seeing people walking while typing on their iPhones, Droids, Blackberries, etc. One thing becomes… Read More