Heroes and charlatans

Who is the hero and who is the liar? Two websites with almost identical names. One ends in .net and one ends in .com. Which is the hero and which is the charlatan? May we ask a favor? We don’t advertise. We depend on our fans to spread the word on Find New Customers and… Read More

Personal review: Aprimo Lead Management

Does Aprimo Lead Management Measure Up? At the Aprimo Marketing Summit, I had a chance to take a close look at the Aprimo Lead Management offering. I was able to grill them with questions that trip up many vendors. With my experience in B2B lead generation and marketing automation, I felt confident I could give… Read More

“If we just do _____________, everything will be fine”

“We need someone who knows Eloqua and Salesforce and has recently implemented it.” “We need someone with industry knowledge so we can get fast results.” “We don’t have time to bring in a leads generation consultant. We need results now.” If it were that easy to crank up B2B lead generation, savvy companies like Eloqua, Kinaxis, Amazon and Zappos would… Read More

Personality – The Missing Ingredient in B2B Marketing Today

Please note that we do not advertise. We depend on our fans to help us spread the word. We humbly ask for your help and appreciate your tweet and sharing. Thank you. Jeff Ogden is President of Find New Customers “Lead Generation Made Simple” Check out the online show every Friday at 11am ET, “Laugh and Learn… Read More