4 BtoB Marketing Action Items for 2011

Lead Generation Companies – 4 Action Items for Today Now that it’s March of 2011, it is time to revisit this important post for the new year. Just like committing to diet or exercise, business improvement needs patience and determination. Please review these tips and re-engage this plan for better fiscal results this year. (Originally… Read More

“If you just do _________, your lead generation challenges will be over”

Just buy our (crap) and your lead generation problems are over! B2B Lead Generation: It’s Not That Simple Everyone seems to have the answer to the lack of quality sales leads problem. Everyone’s answer involves you buying something. For instance: Buy some Adwords on Google Advertise with us Use our marketing automation software Pay for… Read More

What is Revenue Performance Management? – whiteboard discussion by Jon Miller of Marketo

“The following video comes from Marketing Automation Software Guide, a free online resource for marketing automation software buyers.” Sales Lead Generation using Revenue Performance Management In this video, Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-founder of Marketo discusses in a whiteboard presentation how companies can improve fiscal results using Revenue Performance Management. (While Marketo discusses… Read More