B2B Lead Generation: Leads, leads, leads!


B2B Lead Generation: Almost all B2B sellers lack enough quality leads to make quota.

Do Salespeople want more leads? Yes, indeed!

No matter how talented your sales team may be, or how much you have spent on sales training — there is one key issue to be addressed:

How does your company keep the sales funnel filled with qualified prospects? And how much do you need to spend on this important activity?

Right now jump over to our Free Tools page and use the How Many Leads Do You Need Calculator. Plug in your revenue goal, average deal size, etc. and you’ll get your answer. At least then, you’ll know how big your problem is.

If you are looking for lead generation companies, look to Find New Customers.

How much does customer acquisition cost today?  A CEO friend told me a well-known marketing automation company spends well over $5,000 per sales opportunity!

Some sales managers look to recruit salespeople with “killer Rolodexes.”  This is a massive mistake. They are confusing relationships with quality leads.

I consider this an admission that those companies stink at developing their own leads — so they rely on their salespeople to create their own.

Lastly, it is so important that you use consistent messaging. Don’t give up too soon. The image below explains it well.

Check this out from the Edelman Trust Barometer – how many times you need to hear something about a company to believe it is likely true.


What is your thought about the leads problem?

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Jeff Ogden is President of Find New CustomersLead Generation Made Simple” Check out the online show every Friday at 11am ET, “Laugh and Learn with the Fearless Competitor.” Find New Customers is one of few lead generation companies in New York. Follow Jeff on Twitter or download the free white paper on B2B lead generation.

How to Find New Customers

Find New Customers helps companies like yours(with 150 to 5,000 employees and complex products)implement lead generation programs to improve the way you find and acquire high quality sales leads using best practices in onlinelead generation. Quality sales leads matter. In fact, a recent study found that sales teams with fewer, high quality sales leads closed more than sales teams with more leads of dubious quality.

If you wish to do sales lead generation online, contact the B2B lead generationexperts at Find New Customers. Use the form below to send me a personal note or Leave a Reply to post a permanent comment on this article.


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