I’ve seen the future of search, and it’s social

B2B Lead Generation: Social Becomes an Important Element in Search According to the Wall St. Journal today: Google Inc. is offering to add a twist to Web searches, in a bold offensive to prevent Facebook Inc. and other social-networking companies from gaining an upper hand on Web innovation and potential advertising dollars. The Internet search… Read More

B2B Lead Generation: The Power of Video

Do Salespeople Need More Leads? Yes, Indeed! B2B Lead Generation Using Online Video One of the key theme in B2B marketing is video. Should you have a YouTube channel? Yes, you should. Want to see a great example of a B2B video? Look at what the supply chain software company, Kinaxis, (winner of our B2B… Read More

What do B2B salespeople think of their company’s lead generation?

B2B Lead Generation: Looking for better results i feel sorry for B2B salespeople today. A recent study by the Bridge Group shared some interesting data.  Steve Dodge posted a blog article about it. Here’s a summary: What percentage of your marketing-generated leads fit your sweet spot? Answer: Only 3 out of 10. The other 7… Read More