Building a Winner by recruiting flaws

Article in the Wall St. Journal with lessons for hiring managers everywhere. How to Forge a Softball Powerhouse Hofstra Coach Started with a Broken Pitching Machine and Built a Team to Be Reckoned With This article about a college softball team has real lessons for companies hiring for senior roles. The bottom line : To… Read More

The ‘Need Solution’ Buying Phase

Lead Generation Companies | The ‘Need Solution’ Buying Phase In this blog series, we’ve been exploring the customer buying stages as found in the great white paper, How to Find New Customers. If you enjoy this series, we suggest you download this free white paper on B2B lead generation. The third stage of a buying… Read More

Why do content marketing?

B2B Lead Generation | Content Marketing Why do content marketing? What are the business goals of content marketing? The data shows that buyers look for content at every stage of the buying process today. But what are the goals of companies engaging in content marketing? The results are in on this study by Holger Schultz,… Read More