Meet me at the 140 Conference Long Island on May 26th

(I present at 12:45pm) If you have never been to a 140 Conference, get prepared for a fast-moving, exciting and, yes, emotional day of learning and connecting. For a $100 registration fee, you will get breakfast, lunch, coffee and snack and a BBQ dinner as well as lots of time to connect. Register now at… Read More

(Don’t) Get Caught Snoozing: Reducing List Churn

Find New Customers is a Gold Silverpop partner. Introducing the Snooze function in email marketing I click the Unsubscribe button a lot. I get WAY too many marketing emails. I’m sure you do too.Most companies send way too many emails. But I confess, some of these marketers have good content. I don’t want to blow… Read More

Great webinar today on Video content marketing

A Practical Approach to Creating Video Content By our friends at the content marketing company Avitage. I’ve seen it personally – they shared it with me. It is outstanding! This free webinar is offered 11:30am or 3:30pm today and is only 20 minutes long (and it is free). Click either link to sign up. Webinar… Read More

The Importance of Thinking Outside-In

Lead Generation Companies | Think Outside-In rather than Inside-Out As I browse B2B websites, I’m struck by a very common mistake I see over and over. I estimate as many as 9 out of 10 companies think Inside Out today. Inside-Out means you look at buyers through the lens of the business. This means their… Read More