Start with the end in mind

I was asked an interesting question recently. How would you handle this situation?

You need to launch a marketing campaign in just four months. Where do you make investments with a tight deadline?

The wrong answer, IMHO, would be tactic 1, tactic 2, etc.

My answer: Start with the end – what you need to accomplish.

Then work backwards and plan the way to the destination. What are the best approaches – most cost-effective to get us to that goal? Where are our prospective buyers? What media do they prefer? What social networks are they on? What events do they attend? Gathering information like that will tell you which marketing channels to use.

Assess all options. Carefully weigh each.

That’s the only way to do a marketing campaign.

What do you think.? We love your comments and sharing.

Part 2 of my interview of the content marketing expert, Jim Burns of Avitage, runs on Monday.


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