Emergence of Demand Generation Role Drastically Alters Marketing Landscape

Earlier today we shared the ugly state of B2B sales and the unfortunate lot of most B2B salespeople. Let’s examine what you can do about this problem. This article, by the CEO of Marketo, Phil Fernandez is timely. He discusses the growing importance of demand generation in companies today and how that new role is… Read More

My interview of the content marketing expert, Jim Burns of Avitage, Part 2

B2B Lead Generation | Using Video in B2B Marketing Last Wednesday I shared part one of my interview of the content marketing expert Jim Burns of Avitage. (Click underlined words if you missed it.) In part 2, Jim sits down again with Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers  again to discuss the power of… Read More

Conclusions from study: Sales Speaks – Perceptions and Ponderings on Marketing Leads

B2B salespeople struggle mightily today. Are we willing to help? According to SiriusDecisions, over the last 4 years, sales quotas increased 33%, while quota achievement dropped by 25%. Only 50% of salesreps made quota in 2010 and in 42% of companies, fewer than 1/2 made quota. Conclusion: B2B sales is a lousy job today –… Read More