10 Marketing Lessons from DemandCon

B2B Lead Generation | 10 Marketing Lessons from DemandCon I wasn’t at DemandCon, but Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing was and he wrote a great post. Thanks for sharing it with our readers, Matt. Love all ten take-aways and could not agree more – like Invest in Process before Tools. We bolded the items we… Read More

Find New Customers releases “7 Keys to Successful B2B Marketing”

B2B Lead Generation | 7 Keys to B2B Marketing Success “Your customers are frazzled – crazy-busy. They are in endless meetings. Their To-Do Lists are overflowing.” Jill Konrath, SNAP Selling With prospective buyers busier than ever, we need to distill marketing down to its very essence – people want to quickly scan content today. But… Read More

Whom are you targeting? Participation inequality

B2B Lead Generation | Huge Differences in Participation I wish to share with our readers an interesting observation. I read it most recently in the book by Brian Solis, Engage, (Chapter 20, pages 243-267) but I’ve seen it previously too. And I’ve observed it first-hand. The bottom line:See that tiny yellow sliver? Those are the… Read More

Speaking at the 140 Conference Long Island

Speaking at the 140 Conference Long Island @fearlesscomp (Jeff Ogden, President of the B2B Lead Generation consultancy, Find New Customers, will be a featured speaker at the 140Conference Long Island to be held at Touro Law Center, tomorrow May 26th. Why me? @fearlesscomp gets a perfect Twitter score of 100 out of 100 and was a… Read More

Buying software is easy. Fixing lead generation is hard.

B2B Lead Generation | Buying stuff is easy – fixing problems is hard. SaaS marketing products like Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua and the like are very, very easy to buy. Give them a credit card, they give you a login. Done. The transaction can be completed in minutes. It’s actually way too easy, I believe. It’s… Read More

Find New Customers interview of content marketing expert, Jim Burns of Avitage

B2B Lead Generation | Using Video in B2B Marketing Content marketing is a critical business imperative today. In a brand new study by Holger Shultz (2011 B2B Content Marketing Report), it was found that over 7 out of 10 companies are increasing investment on content marketing in 2011.  Yet companies continue to struggle to create… Read More

Content Marketing tips and techniques

B2B content marketing | tips and techniques SoftwareAdvice.com invited me to do a guest video post for their very popular blog on B2B marketing. Content is the fuel of B2B marketing today – studies have shown that buyers looking for engaging content at every stage of the buying process. But creating engaging content is the… Read More

The 140 Conference on Long Island

140 Social Media Conference | Long Island “Passionate” “Informative” “Personal” “Inspirational” “Fast-Paced” “Unpredictable” This social media conference invited me, Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor and President of the B2B Lead Generation consultancy, Find New Customers to be a featured speaker this Thursday. My talk  on the “7 Keys to Marketing Success using Social Media” starts… Read More