Marketing as a business turn-around strategy

Lead Generation Companies | Marketing as a business turn-around strategy

(This blog post is based on what’s happening at a real company today – a public company in upstate New York – who put up poor results and replaced their founder with a new CEO.)

After reporting a loss for several quarters with declining revenues, the Board sends the founder into retirement and picks a successor. So what is that successor to do?

Obviously, cost savings will be an initial focus. Money-losing products will be cut short. Unprofitable divisions will be closed. And some employees will be shown the door. Certainly, cash flow will improve as outflows slow.

But a simple fact remains:

You cannot save your way to prosperity

What do you do?

  • Do you hire new sales leadership and buy training?
  • Do you invest in advertising – trade shows, print ads, etc.
  • Or do you look for outside capital?

Our recommendation is this: Invest in B2B lead generation.

It’s not quick and it is not inexpensive, but it’s the single best way to drive revenue and market share growth in future years.

How do you get started in B2B lead generation (also referred to as Demand Generation)? We recommend you start with a visit to Find New Customers, our website packed to the rafters with great free content on B2B lead generation and marketing.

“If B2B lead generation were a car, Ogden is a Ferrari.” said last week by SVP Worldwide Marketing of $500MM software firm.

What do you think? How do you recommend a new CEO turn around his business? We love comments and those who share.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. He presented “How to Build a Great Personal Brand” at the 140 Social Media Conference on Long Island and will appear on Sales Lead Management Radio on June 9th.

Find New Customers helps companies (with between 150 and 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses) to implement world-class lead generation programs. As companies struggle to create quality sales opportunities for sales teams, they turn to lead generation companies like Find New Customers.

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