We bought a Mac!

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Yes, kids. The Ogden household, after years of Microsoft (DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows Vista (oh the agony!), Windows 7) finally broke down and bought a Macbook Pro.Macbook Pro

Our son is heading to college and he wanted one.

In my humble opinion, Microsoft should be deathly afraid of Apple. Every marketer on Earth could learn tons from how Apple does it.

What’s the marketing take-away? What can every B2B marketer learn from Apple?

Think! (approach everything very, very carefully and don’t accept less than the very best.)

The Apple store is amazing. They process the entire buy transaction on an iPhone. (There is no cash register.)  The receipt is pulled from under a table – no printer is visible.

My conclusion: Apple employees are super-sharp engineers who carefully planned everything in the store. They designed the entire purchasing experience around the buyer.

Do you design your business around your buyers?

What do you think? Do you suffer from Mac-envy too? Your comments below.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. He presented “How to Build an Awesome Personal Brand” at the 140 Social Media Conference and appeared to discuss B2B lead generation on Sales Lead Management Radio.

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4 thoughts on “We bought a Mac!

  1. I bought a Mac. In fact I bought two – a laptop and a desktop. Both broke down after 12-15 months. In both cases it was something where I could have just nipped down to a computer store, bought the part and fitted it myself.
    But the Apple Store wouldn’t sell me the bits – they wanted to charge me over $100 just to get in the priority queue, otherwise it would take 3 weeks.
    I needed the machines for work – I couldn’t wait 3 weeks. So I bought a Dell – I haven’t looked back since.

    “Shiny thing make it all better” no longer works for me. Perhaps you’ll realise this too – in 18 months time.

  2. Sorry you had a problem with the Macs you bought, Peter. And sorry Apple was not able to correct your problem quickly enough.

    But the point I was trying to make is that Apple thought long and hard about the buying experience and created a highly customer centric process. That is the marketing lesson here. The process was simple, easy and slick – just like a great engineering firm would create.


  3. Congratulations on your purchase, Jeff. And fwiw, I’ve owned Macs since the very first ones came out decades ago — and have never had a single hardware problem. Not one defect in close to 20 machines. I still have a 7-year-old Powerbook that works fine (just doesn’t run the current OS). So don’t let a naysayer rain on your parade. 😉

  4. Thanks Pam. Thought it was our very first Mac purchase, we are delighted with the unit. And the lack of obsolescence seems to be a real advantage too.

    As one who has worked with tech for decades, the strength of the Mac comes from a robust operating system base – Unix, rather than an old, creaky operating system base – DOS. This is why Macs are so reliable.

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