Good news/bad news in BtoB sales

According to CSO Insights. the following statistics were just released. 59.4% of salespeople made quota in 2010. (Conversely, over 4 out of 10 missed quota) But there’s bad news too. 95% of companies plan to raise quotas. Jim Dickie of CSO Insights puts it in perspective using a high jump analogy. If only 6 out… Read More

How Big is Social Media Today?

Check out how to Win a Free Business book from the B2B lead generation consultancy Find New Customers Let’s just say porn is now #2. That’s proof just how big social media has become today. Keep in mind however, social media empowers the human desire to connect. (@fearlesscomp scores a perfect 100 out of 100… Read More

Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: 5 Tips from Thought Leaders

B2B Demand Generation | 5 Tips from the Pros In this terrible economy, business leaders need simple, actionable information to improve revenue results. This post shares that. Jon Miller, Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Marketo distilled advice from top experts in B2B marketing, I thought we should share it with you, as it’s simple and… Read More