Good news/bad news in BtoB sales

According to CSO Insights. the following statistics were just released.

  • 59.4% of salespeople made quota in 2010. (Conversely, over 4 out of 10 missed quota)
  • But there’s bad news too. 95% of companies plan to raise quotas.

Made Missed QuotaJim Dickie of CSO Insights puts it in perspective using a high jump analogy.

If only 6 out of 10 could clear the high jump bar today, how many will clear it when we raise it? (How big will that red section grow?)

Yet almost every company is raising the bar.

Jim’s point – Doing what we did in the past will not improve sales performance.

Flogging salespeople by raising quotas does not bring improved fiscal results. B2B demand generation does.

  • Companies who focus on world-class demand generation programs will prosper.
  • Those who hand out quota increases by rote will struggle.

CSO Insights agrees obviously, as they are hosting a webinar entitled Optimize Lead Management to Hit Your 2011 Numbers



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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. He presented “How to Build an Awesome Personal Brand” at the 140 Social Media Conference and appeared to discuss B2B lead generation on Sales Lead Management Radio.To learn more about Jeff, please click on Who is the Fearless Competitor?
Find New Customers helps companies (with between 150 and 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses) to implement world-class lead generation programs. As companies struggle to create quality sales opportunities, they turn to lead generation companies like Find New Customers.

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