Why you should attend Content Marketing World

B2B Lead Generation | Content Marketing World As our friend Paul Dunay of BuzzMarketing once said “Companies today are in an arm’s race around content.” So it is more important than ever to Think Like a Publisher and create deeply relevant content for your prospective buyers. But the biggest challenge faced by marketers today is… Read More

Where Leads Come From – Current vs. Best Practices

B2B Lead Generation | Where Leads Come From Businesses ought to take a long hard look at lead sources to ensure the health of their businesses. t the recent Marketo Revenue Rock Star event, one of the speakers (perhaps Debbie Qadish of The Pedowitz Group) presented the unhealthy source of sales leads today. (Note that… Read More

Why do some companies prosper – despite a terrible economy?

B2B Demand Generation | Growing a business in a terrible economy “Job Growth Falters, Clouding Hope for Recovery” New York Times “U.S. Worries Grow Over Jobs” Wall St. Journal Those headlines, on the front pages of the New York Times and Wall St. Journal on Saturday, July 9, 2011, talk about how bad times are… Read More