What Marketers can learn from the US Women’s Soccer team

Today the US women play for the championship match of the World Cup. Here are a few marketing lessons:

Abby Wambach
  1. The team and not the stars matter
    Those women play wonderfully well together. Think of the Miami Heat – a team of stars that failed. Team matters.
  2. Setbacks make you stronger
    So many of those young women had setbacks. Seth Godin calls these “The Dip.” Our moms were right “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.”
  3. Self confidence is all-powerful
    Those women believe they will win – with all their hearts. Does your team believe?
  4. Hard work makes you better
    It is clear how hard those young women worked to get to where they are today. Do you have that kind of work ethic? Are you willing to sacrifice untold hours and sweat?

Those are four marketing/life lessons I took from those young ladies. Find New Customers congratulates them on their remarkable run.

What do you think?

One thought on “What Marketers can learn from the US Women’s Soccer team

  1. In yesterday mornings.keynote presentation here at the Annual Catalog Conference cosponsored.by CATALOG AGE and the Direct Marketing Association Bezos shared.those four key lessons.

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