Where are the American companies?

B2B Demand Generation | Where are the American companies? Over the weekend, Find New Customers was quite popular. Lots of great marketing content was flying out, as company after company registered and downloaded it. But I had an observation: The companies downloading ranged from massive (Over $3 billion) to 3 employees. But they all had… Read More

Are B2B Companies Finally “Getting” Content Marketing?

B2B demand generation | Content Marketing Has content marketing finally reached its tipping point? Seems to me that despite articles like Inside the Mind of the B2B Buyer, great books like Content Rules and Get Content, Get Customers, and the insights of experts such as Ann Handley, CC Chapman and Joe Pulizzi, content marketing remained… Read More

Get your free sample of Personal Branding Magazine!

Find New Customers congratulates a good friend, Dan Schwabel, who published a new edition of Personal Branding Magazine. We’re happy to share this free edition with our readers. Here’s what Dan says about this issue: Volume 5, Issue 1 is focused on how to use your established brand to unlock new opportunities and beat your… Read More

CMOs Get Back To Business: CMO Council Releases Fifth Annual State Of Marketing Report

B2B Demand Generation | CMO State of Marketing We pleased to share insights from this new CMO Council State of Marketing Report Read the full scoop at CMO 5th State of Marketing Report Hot off the press is this new study., sponsored by Open Text and Deloitte.  Some interesting insights here. The most important take-away… Read More