CMOs Get Back To Business: CMO Council Releases Fifth Annual State Of Marketing Report

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We pleased to share insights from this new CMO Council State of Marketing Report

Read the full scoop at CMO 5th State of Marketing Report

Hot off the press is this new study., sponsored by Open Text and Deloitte.  Some interesting insights here.

The most important take-away are CMO’s priorities today. The study found four:

  • Improve Customer Segmentation and Targeting Efforts (64%)
  • Bolster Demand Generation Programs (43%) (my favorite)
  • Further Tracking and Qualifying Leads (42%)
  • Exploring Alternative Media and New Paths to Market (41%)

I found it interesting that they recommend CMOs add specialists to their teams. I agree with that – considering the need for great content, social media, digital marketing, etc. Just because the CMO needs talent on the team, does not mean in-house staff. Good companies to contact include Mac Macintosh of AcquireB2B, Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing, and Dan McDade of Pointclear.

“We have been seeing since our ‘Renovate To Innovate’ report that CMOs need a middle layer of strategy,” she says. “The CMO is laying down the business goals and objectives, but now needs to bring in verticalized, senior-level strategists. [For example], who’s developing strategies in analytics or for the Web sites?” (Again, we recommend Mac Macintosh of AcquireB2B, Paul Mosenson of NuSpark Marketing, and Dan McDade of Pointclear.)

And while the need for CMOs to demonstrate real business results has never been greater, “2011 is the year where marketing can take a breath,” Miller said. “We’re not waiting for more budget to be taken away or bracing for the next big hit we have to weather.”

That means CMOs can truly focus on multichannel marketing integration. “They’re looking around and saying, ‘I can transform the organization—let’s look at new ways to engage,” Miller said. “A positive remnant of the recession is we’re not doing random things. We want things to connect. We don’t want Facebook unrelated to our brand or Web site or products. It has to be integrated. Random acts of marketing are being pulled into a cohesive, aligned strategy.”

What do you think? We love your comments and sharing.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. Find New Customers helps CMOs improve segmentation and targeting, develop and deploy great lead generation programs, and to track and qualify leads. If you are a CMO that shares the goals above, why don’t you contact Find New Customers? Or take our $49 Demand Generation training course?

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