The Awesome Power of a Smile

In his great book, Enchantment, Guy Kawasaki, which I review here – talks about the importance of smiling. I could not agree more, Guy. Guy advocates smiling so broadly, you get “crows feet” around your eyes – like George Clooney.

After all, no one likes grumpy people. Why smile and what are the keys?

  • What does it cost to smile? Nothing
  • What does it cost not to smile? Everything

The key to a great smile to think pleasant thoughts. If you do that, your smile can light up the room.

Light up some rooms this weekend!

Coming up tomorrow: A great TED video about the surprising math of cities and corporations. Great video!

Jeff Ogden is the President of the B2B demand generation consultancy, Find New Customers.  He’s also a fan of companies who feature smiling, happy people, like Kinaxis does on the authors page at their 21st Century Supply Chain blog. On the weekend, he a dad, husband and avid basketball player and he’s a happy, smiling person too.

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