The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010

B2B Lead Generation | The Best B2B Marketing Ideas of 2010 Today’s August 31st – the last day of the 3rd quarter. As we have done at the end of each quarter, we bring back this very popular post.   This Fall we will hold a contest for Best B2B Marketing Idea of 2011. We… Read More

Buyer Personas are the foundation of great b2b Lead Generation Programs

B2B Lead Generation | The Power of Buyer Personas Buyer personas are the foundation of great b2b demand generation programs for one simple reason: The better you know your buyer, the more effectively you can market to them. As a service to our fans, we wish to share an announcement: Find New Customers has partnered… Read More

The Fatal Mistake Boards & VP Sales Will Make In 2012 Planning

If you are a business executive, you need to read this guest post from Aaron Ross, CEO of Pebblestorm. He explains why hiring salespeople does NOT grow sales. And how companies are making a major blunder by hiring large numbers of salespeople in hopes of improving revenue results. “Salespeople do not cause customer acquisition growth,… Read More

More Ammunition for Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation | The Advantage of Outsourcing We and others have been discussing the business advantages of outsourcing B2B lead generation to experts, such as our post “3 Reasons to Outsource Lead Nurturing and Scoring.” But instead of giving you business reasons to outsource, we wish to take a different tack in this post.… Read More

How to Create a Great Client Case Study

B2B Lead Generation | Case Study Worksheet I’ve been researching a fast-growing software company in Colorado. On their website, they had a few “customer success stories.” But they were atrocious – mainly shilling product. They were product brochures rather than customer case studies. It was clear to me that the junior marketing person who created… Read More

3 Reasons I’m not at Dreamforce

B2B Lead Generation | Not at Dreamforce I’m not at Dreamforce. I was invited multiple times by Marketo, Silverpop and Act-On, as well as fellow B2B demand generation experts – but I’m not there. I thought I’d share why with our readers and fans. If you don’t know Dreamforce, it’s an amazing user conference by… Read More

Performance Planning 2.0: 4 Steps to Turn Around Under-Performers

B2B Demand Generation | How to Turn Around Under-Performers Did you know that the content from this blog and Find New Customers is taught at two of the top business schools – Stanford and the University of Notre Dame? That demonstrates our superb knowledge of B2B lead generation. This post was written by Find New… Read More

Medium Sized companies struggle with B2B demand generation too

B2B Lead Generation | Mid Sized Companies Did you know that the content from this blog and Find New Customers is taught at two top business schools – Stanford and the University of Notre Dame? That proves our superb knowledge of B2B lead generation. Last week Find New Customers reviewed results of a survey by… Read More

Special Sunday Post: From where do great ideas come?

On Sundays our goal is to expand your mind and share something of interest – especially a really interesting video clip. We’re successful only if we get a “Wow! “from you. We think and hope we have a big WOW coming today – as you watch an awesome video. On weekdays we focus on business… Read More

How to gain customer trust – Insights from Guy Kawasaki

B2B Lead Generation | How to Gain Customer Trust This past January, our reader count was about 38,000. As of yesterday, it was 61,450. A huge thank-you to each and every one of you. Our popularity is due to you – not me. And we’re in the path of Irene – hope you are okay.… Read More