More Ammunition for Outsourcing B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation | The Advantage of Outsourcing

We and others have been discussing the business advantages of outsourcing B2B lead generation Lead Nurturingto experts, such as our post “3 Reasons to Outsource Lead Nurturing and Scoring.” But instead of giving you business reasons to outsource, we wish to take a different tack in this post. – the problem with hiring in-house.

Do Companies Look Outside Today?

Only 1 in 5 companies looks outside for lead nurturing and scoring.The other 4 in 5 is hiring in-house. Is hiring in-house a good or bad idea?

By definition, a new hire is a good idea if he or she has a high probability of being very successful. Will he or she be highly successful?

A man I used to work with used to say with dripping sarcasm  “How’s that working out for

bad hire
Bad Hire


If we are talking about the success of new hires, the answer, as the chart below shows (from a study by LeadershipIQ), is not very well.

There is almost a 50-50 chance that new hire will fail within 18 months and (more importantly) only a 1 in 5 chance this new hire will be highly successful. (For more, please read Why New Hires Fail at LeadershipIQ.)

So the best you can hope for is a so-so hire.

Think about it. This is a typical scenario:

  1. You post a job on Linkedin for a demand generation expert.
  2. You’re flooded with dozens or even hundred of resumes. (One company posting for a Chief Marketing Officer got over 90, despite a low salary offer.)
  3. You spend countless hours reviewing resumes –  looking for just the right skills and experience.
  4. You pick five and do phone interviews. (More time!)
  5. You meet with the team, discuss the final five, cut to two and fly them in for interviews. (Time and expense)
  6. Finally, you and the team choose one and extend an offer. It is accepted – you hope.

Those six steps typically takes 120 -180 days or more and a huge investment of executive time.

What are the chances this process will yield a superstar?

Less than one in five. (Data from LeadershipIQ) Look at this chart – the red sliver is “Highly Successful.” The huge blue slice is “Fail.” And the green slice is “Okay.”
New Hire Success

The most likely result – Failure (Gone within 18 months). The next most likely, so-so results.

With the odds stacked against you on in-house hires, (not to mention a massive investment of time and money) I believe it’s time to re-consider outsourcing B2B demand generation to companies like AcquireB2B, PointClear, NuSpark Marketing, and Bluebird Strategies. (Not to mention Find New Customers.) By outsourcing, you hire top experts who have successfully implemented demand generation programs for numerous companies.

The need for expertise was confirmed by the research Act-On Software has been doing since December on how companies do marketing. “The numbers haven’t moved, except social media. Focus is on top of funnel activities only.  Lead nurturing and scoring remain very low.” (Act-On CMO). This data points to the need to bring in top experts.

What do you think? We love comments and sharing.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. Find New Customers helps companies dramatically improve revenue results by transforming the ways they attract and earn the trust of prospective customers. Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 495-9350 or sending an email to sales at

Find New Customers helps companies (with between 150 and 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses) to implement world-class lead generation programs. As companies struggle to create quality sales opportunities, they turn to lead generation companies like Find New Customers.

“If more companies listened to (Find New Customers) a lot more would be sold.” Dan McDade, Pointclear.


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