B2B Demand Generation is Critical Today. Here’s How to Learn It

B2B Lead Generation | How to Find New Customers

A recent study by CSO insights found that only 6 out of 10 B2B salespeople made quota in 2010. And almost ALL companies (95%) raised quotas in 2011.

Looking for Leads

The author of the study, Jim Dickie of CSO Insights uses this analogy “If many salespeople could not clear 6′ 4″ in the high jump, how many will clear it when we raise it the bar to 6′ 9?

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How will salespeople, who struggled make quota in the past, achieve ever higher sales quotas?

It seems clear that approaches of the past, like cold calling (while raising the high jump bar) will not suddenly become more effective – they will not deliver more revenue.

We need instead new ideas and fresh approaches — to drive increased revenue needed to achieve higher quotas.

The fresh approach needed today? Marketing-led b2b demand generation.

But if companies wish to consider an investment in B2B demand generation, where can they learn about it in a simple and logical manner?

It’s free, so why don’t you download a copy by clicking the image here?

How to Find New Customers

It’s been immensely popular for a very long time.

It’s been a favorite at companies like Hewlett-Packard, CA, Microstrategy, Datamax, Reachforce, and many others.

It’s global too. It’s been downloaded in the United States, Japan, Egypt, Russia, China, Venezuela, Brazil, France, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries. (Though it’s only available in English and Portuguese today.)

“Como Conseguir Novos Clientes” (How to Find New Customers – in Portuguese)

I’d love to add more languages too. Anyone in France, Germany, Japan or China want to translate it for us? Contact me using the info below.

It’s 100% free, so why don’t you click the image and download it right now? (We only share your contact info with the sponsor, Marketo.)

We’re fortunate that so many people had nice things to say.

It’s free, so why don’t you download a copy by clicking the image here?

Let’s review some of them here:
“It’s a fabulous read as is all your material, thoughtful, insightful and intuitively challenging. I must tell you that I am taking a more structured approach to lead generation and your pearls of wisdom are printed out, and taking pride of place on my desk as I ply through the sales clutter right now.”
Sean Patrick, Sales Coach

“This How to Find New Customers white paper is GREAT! I’m going to tweet and re-tweet it as much as I can!”

Paige O’Neill, VP of Demand Generation at Aprimo

“I created my company’s entire Go to Market strategy based on How to Find New Customers.  You’re exactly right.  It’s the right way to find and acquire new customers today.”

Software Company CEO

“So much has been written about demand generation, but How to Find New Customers makes it simple — which makes it a Must Read!”

The Funnelholic

“In my recent Dun and Bradstreet post, I shared some unexpected finds.  Jeff Ogden’s How to Find New Customers white paper is excellent!

FastCompany blogger

“You’ve written a terrific white paper, How to Find New Customers, for our Chief Marketing Officers.”

The CMO Club

“Ogden’s How to Find New Customers white paper is terrific.”

Jeff Gaus, CEO, Prolifiq Software

“It’s a great read.  I printed it and gave it to my entire marketing team.”

Chief Marketing Officer, the Hay Group

“Real page-turner.  I couldn’t put it down till I finished it.”

CEO, Communications Strategy Group

“Very interesting and common sense based.”

Acxiom Global Marketing

“Loved the white paper (How to Find New Customers)  So much great information.”

CEO, Studio 525


Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Why don’t you tell us what you think by entering your comment below? And we appreciate you spreading the word too.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. Find New Customers helps companies rapidly grow revenue by transforming how they attract, engage and win new customers. Contact Find New Customers at (516) 495-9350 or send an email to sales at findnewcustomers.com.

Find New Customers helps companies (with between 150 and 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses) to implement world-class lead generation programs. As companies struggle to create quality sales opportunities, they turn to lead generation companies like Find New Customers.

Find New Customers can certainly help your business dramatically improve the flow of sales-ready leads to salespeople.” Paul Dunay, Buzz Marketing for Technology.


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