3 Recommendations in Lead Management from Carlos Hildago

B2B Lead Generation | 3 Recommendations in Lead Management

What should your revenue improvement priorities be?

Carlos Hildago
Carlos Hildago

Jon Miller of Marketo asked this question of Carlos Hildago of the Annuitas Group in a Marketo blog article and came up with three priorities which I wish to share with you.

The three things Carlos recommends to someone getting started with lead management include:

  1. Conduct an audit.
    Where are you today as an organization?Regardless of what you think, your organization might have some good processes in place. Go though your lead management steps and determine where you are with you data, lead planning, metrics, etc. Figure out what the quickest wins will be.
    FNC note: We could not agree more with Carlos. You simply must start with an audit of where you are today. We offer a service called the Lead Generation Assessment, which is a lead management audit and cost only $4,995 plus expenses. Click the underlined words to learn more.
  2. Figure out (with sales) the definitions of each buying cycle.
    Figure out between marketing and sales definitions such as a marketing qualified lead. Create these definitions and then you can put together a qualification model.FNC comment: Take the time and expense to invest in insights like this is priceless.
  3. Do some kind of lead nurturing.
    The statistics from MarketingSherpainclude that 50% of buyers aren’t in a buying mode when they first engage, so lead nurturing is a must.
    FNC: We also agree on the need to do some kind of a lead nurturing.This why we offer our lead nurturing and scoring service.

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Jeff Ogden (@fearlesscomp) is President of the B2B lead generation consultancy, Find New Customers. Find New Customers helps companies rapidly grow revenue by transforming how they attract, engage and win new customers. Contact Find New Customers by calling (516) 495-9350 or send an email to sales at findnewcustomers.com.

Find New Customers helps companies (with between 150 and 5,000 employees who sell complex products to businesses) to implement world-class lead generation programs. As companies struggle to create quality sales opportunities, they turn to lead generation companies like Find New Customers.


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