The Secret to Effective Voice Mail Messages—with Kelley Robertson

B2B Demand Generation | Leaving Effective Voice-mail Messages

Good B2B demand generation relies on the phone. Emails are not two-way, so the phone

Kelley Robertson
Kelley Robertson

plays a critical role in uncovering buyer needs and preferences.

This means they leave lots and lots of voice mail messages. Improving the effectiveness of those messages would help a lot. So we want to share this post by a good friend that ran at RainToday. The permalink to the original post is here.

All effective voice mail messages have one thing in common: they focus on a potential problem that the prospect might have. Stay away from talking about you, your company, or your services, stresses Kelley Robertson in this excerpt from his webinar Ditch the Sales Pitch: How to Master Sales Conversations and Win More Deals.

For an example of how a big technology company blew this, read this blog post A Terrible Prospecting Email Message. Talking products is a big no-no.

Most of the messages [that executives receive] focus on the selling company or the seller’s company—there’s no reference to the prospect’s company and potential problems,” Robertson says. “So, focus on the potential problem that your prospect might be experiencing, allude to how you might be able to give them a solution, and keep it really short.” Amen, Kelley.

Master Sales Conversations
Learn more about how to lead effective sales conversations. Watch Kelley Robertson’s webinar Ditch the Sales Pitch: How to Master Sales Conversations and Win More Deals

And before you leave a voice mail, call your own phone and leave it and listen to it. If you wouldn’t answer or return your phone call, the prospect won’t either, he says.

Listen as Robertson provides an example of a good voice mail, discusses the best times to call prospects, and explains how to conduct sales conversations that are not face to face.

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