Saddened by the demise of once great companies

Kodak, Nokia, RIM, Hewlett-Packard. Four names that once represented powerful companies who could do no wrong. Today, they are struggling to remain relevant – or to even survive. “The current (Kodak)chief executive, Antonio M. Perez, has tried to reinvigorate the company by focusing on inkjet printers, commercial printing and the company’s vast portfolio of patents, which… Read More

7 Tips for Surviving and Thriving at Networking Events

B2B demand generation | 7 Tips for Surviving & Thriving at Networking Events Loved this post at Mashable by Nellie Akalp26 and since my readers attend a lot of networking events (and so does the President of Find New Customers) I thought you’d find lots of value in it. We’re summarizing it (to avoid duplicate content issues), but… Read More

Find New Customers Fan of the Month – Antonio Dimitriadis

B2B Lead Generation | Find New Customers Fan of the Month for October 2011 Each month we recognize a special fan of Find New Customers. This month our fan of the month is none other than Antonio Dimitriadis. Antonio has a special place among our fans – he was our very first fan, when we… Read More