2014 is the Year of Video in B2B Marketing

Video is hot in 2014 for B2B marketers Video has the unique ability to engage multiple senses – sight and sound too, making it highly effective. In addition, video is “the killer application” for mobile devices too. Those are reasons you need to use video in your marketing programs. Find New Customers also offers Video… Read More

The Coming War over Buyer Insights

In the crazy, noisy world of today, companies who best know their buyers will win. That’s why I believe there’s a marketing war coming around buyer insights. This is why Buyer Persona are more important than ever. (Find New Customers is certified in Buyer Personas.) One of the top challenges for companies today is differentiation.… Read More

What makes Find New Customer Different from Everyone Else?

We’re nice That’s right. While other companies talk marketing concepts till you’re blue in the face, we believe in what Chris Malone wrote in The HUMAN Brand. Great brands demonstrate warmth and competence. A tour of demand generation companies and you will find a lot of competence – these men and women REALLY know what… Read More

SCORE with your customers. Introducing the SCORE Demand Generation program from Find New Customers

Simple, Clear, Optimal Revenue Enhancement SCORE is the idea behind this service from Find New Customers – to help companies create best-practices demand generation programs. SCORE is a three phase, step by step program any company can follow. In fact, a software firm in New Jersey hired Find New Customers as soon as they saw… Read More

The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies – Chris Malone on Marketing Made Simple TV

In this show, Chris Malone, co-author of a book entitled The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies shares research on how people, product and companies are instantly measured by two factors: Warmth Competency Some amazing lessons in this show for you. And I’m delighted to bring these insights to you to… Read More

My Tip for Job-Seekers: Be the Person You Want to Be – not the Person You Are

“Become the person you wish to be, not the person you are today” Recently I attended the MarketingPros Happy Hour in NYC and I met a couple of job-seekers looking to move out of dead end jobs. They asked me for advice and I shared the suggestion above. Become the person you wish to be,… Read More