Send me some more rejection emails, please!

Send me more rejection emails please!

Every once in a while, I apply for a marketing job, usually a lower level one, and get a note like this (always a form letter.)Rejection

Thanks for applying for marketing manager at ABC Technologies. While your resume is impressive, we have decided to pursue other candidates who match our requirements better. We appreciate your interest and will keep your resume on file.

Of course, one cannot simply click on Reply for a note like this. They are system-generated and do not accept responses.

That’s why when I get one of these, I start laughing. They make the sender look foolish.

That cold, impersonal contact is exactly what’s wrong with business today. What’s so hard about sending me a personal email or even calling me? #FAIL

As the Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV, I talk with brilliant men and women all the time, like Bryan Kramer, author of Human2Human who writes about how people want personal contact and he rails on impersonal contact like this.. Very true, Bryan.

What’s remarkable is that when I finally do talk to a company about a lower level marketing position, they invariably say “Jeff, you’re WAY over-qualified for this position.” How can I get rejected by lower level positions AND be way over-qualified for the same positions?

I am way over-qualified for lower level marketing positions. My best fit is Chief Marketing Officer.

Want to see why I’m wildly over qualified? Watch this short video created by my 17 year old son, who’s quite the wiz at video.

Meet Jeff Ogden, your new Chief Marketing Officer

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2013-50most-badge-ogden 2012-50most-badge-ogden SLMA award


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