Marketing Made Simple TV – Getting Better and Better!

Marketing Made Simple TV keeps getting better and better!

First was vastly improved audio and video quality.- thanks to Watchitoo’s new StreamingPro product.Marketing Made Simple TV

Now it’s a new show intro and close. Our guests are doing new intros and closes.- incorporating the best ideas from TV and radio.

Even the show gating is improved.

It used to be you HAD to put in your email to watch Marketing Made Simple TV.

Now you can watch part of the show before we ask for your email.

The shows keeps getting better and better.

Have you seen it?

Thanks to Watchitoo’s new StreamingPro product, we are getting near HD quality from simple webcams. What a major change!

In addition, thanks to our new partnership with Madison Logic, we offer fabulous value for potential show sponsors too! The awesome PR value of the show, plus real leads based on intent.

And I almost forgot to mention our remarkable show guests!

Go to and click on the Guest List. Or send a note to host at


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