What Really Happens on Marketing Made Simple TV. The Untold Story.

Let me take you behind the scenes to share what really happens on this great online TV show. By the way, we changed our theme to Piano Black. What do you think of it?

A ton of experience and planning went into creating this process.

While I started by hosting Mad Marketing TV for Act-On Software, I’ve made huge strides with the follow-on show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

First, we book a great guest, like the author and keynote speaker, Bryan Kramer.Bryan Kramer

Then our partner Watchitoo does a technical test to ensure everything is working properly – we need bandwidth, good lighting and a good webcam.

We do a quick pre-show planning call with the guest to ensure we’re on the same page, discussing topics such as:

  • Logistics – what happens when you log in
  • Show Objectives – my vision for the show
  • B Roll – slides and images
  • Call to Action
  • Topics and Questions

We record the show. Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit directs – handling all the camera changes and B roll content. But Craig is off-screen during the show..

(We just started having our guests record intros and outros for their shows, which will make for a much better show.)

I log back in to Watchitoo and download the recorded video to my computer.

I edit the video using Sony Vegas. I remove the gaps and insert the intro and outro.

Thanks to Watchitoo, it takes less than 10 minutes to edit a video. Since they have a great TV on the Web platform, little edit is needed..

The edited video is rendered. That takes about an hour or two.

The finished video is reviewed for quality, and then uploaded to YouTube.  (We now have hundreds of YouTube videos.)

We take the YouTube link and then we log into Viewbix.and create a new Player.

Viewbix is the tool we use to add the Call to Action and gate the show and to get around the limitations of Youtube.

Fortunately, Viewbix offers great capabilities around gating. For instance, we can let the viewer watch X seconds of the show before we prompt for an email address.

We also add the twitter id for the show guest too, such as @bryankramer.

Finally, we grab the embed code from Viewbix and post it to Marketing Made Simple TV.  We schedule the post for a Thursday at noon ET and we also update the guest list at Marketing Made Simple TV.

When the appointed time arrives, we grab the link and share with the guest in a “release the hounds” email. The guest shares it with his or her team for promotion.

I then share the link with the Twitter Mafia – the team of like-minded marketing experts who help each other. It’s then all over social media.

We then wait for 13 days before syndicating the show – to avoid duplicate content issues.

We then post the show to Business2Community.com, SocialMediaToday.com, CustomerThink.com, and LinkedIn group.  We also share it with CMO.com and DemandGen Report. And it gets promoted again.Marketing Made Simple TV

That is how we do this popular syndicated show.

Interested in reaching a massive audience? Send a note to host at marketingmadesimple.tv.

What do you think? We love comments and appreciate those who share on social media too.


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