The fast-changing world of television

There is no business undergoing as rapid change as TV is today

Just look at what I now watch on TV – my top three shows:

  1. Justified Justified
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. House of Cards

Of those, two are on cable TV and one, House of Cards, is online only.

No, I could not care less about silly dramas like Scandal or bubble gum TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.  No offense to their many fans, but I like shows with deep and complex characters and a plot with twists and turns.

In addition to crappy shows, Network TV is a vast wasteland of “in your face” TV ads for mainly cars, insurance and pharmaceutical products. (That Nissan commercial of the car driving on top of a train is about the most moronic commercial I have ever seen. Do you really have to tell us this is a fantasy?) nissan-rogue-hopping-a-train-commercial

And how many times can I watch a GEICO ad till I’m ready to vomit? The pig is cute but he grows tiresome from overuse too.

I know you have a huge marketing budget, GEICO, but can’t you find something else to do?

Since those commercials are so repetitive and mind-numbing, we DVR shows whenever possible and skip through those God-awful commercials.

The killer app in TV is sports, plain and simple. Sports compels the viewer to sit down and actually watch.

March Madness will be huge in the fast-changing world of television.

Monday to Friday, I’m the President of the nicest company in B2B marketing today, Find New Customers. But not on the weekends.

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