A Show By-Product – Superb at Introductions

Stephen Dubner
Stephen Dubner, Freakanomics

Sometimes unexpected benefits come from things you do.

I’m REALLY good at connecting people.

I created Marketing Made Simple TV almost two years ago, and I’ve interviewed over 100 top thought leaders, like Stephen Dubner of Freakanomics soon. That helped me become quite well-known and gave me tons of business relationships. Since Marketing Made Simple TV is a weekly show, my contact list keeps growing and growing.

Here are 5 ways I made connections between people recently:

  1. Marketing conference needed a strong keynote speaker. They contacted me. I lined up a great speaker for them.
  2. Head of a PR firm wanted to meet show guests. I made the connections for her.
  3. Former client from years ago wanted to meet a specific man on LinkedIn. I didn’t know him, but I connected with him in 10 minutes.
  4. A marketing expert wanted to meet the Chief Marketing Officer of our new business partner, Madison Logic. Done. Both of them thanked me.
  5. The head of Sparkplug had exhausted his contact list in an earlier event, so he bought me breakfast to pick my brain.

It seems that, if you want to meet really cool people, maybe you need to talk to the man who knows really cool people.

To contact Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV, just shoot an email to host at marketingmadesimple dot tv.

Please continue the discussion over at my Google Plus page.

Jeff Ogden


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