When Doing Content Marketing, Create a Header for your Content

Failure to plan is the biggest problem in B2B marketing today!

In Lisa Dreher’s Marketing Made Simple TV “Anatomy of a Great Marketing Campaign” show, you learned how an award-winning marketing campaign was built upon a foundation of deep research and planning.  Skip this and your campaigns fall on their face. Ready, fire, aim does not work in marketing.

One way to plan in content marketing is to use content headers to document your content.

When doing content marketing, create a header that maps the exact purpose for your content.Epic Content Marketing This enables you to precisely place the right content for the right job to answer buyer questions.

You should include information in your header, such as:

  • The buyer persona the content is intended for
  • The date the content was refreshed
  • The branding for the content
  • The keyword(s) the content was optimized for
  • The author of the content
  • The buying stage the content is intended for

And so forth

This will enable you to categorize and catalog your content and ensure that you use the right content for the right job.

Want to learn more? You can learn a lot more about this topic by reading Joe Pulizzi’s great book, Epic Content Marketing.  My good friend, Jim Burns of Avitage, is also a top expert in content operations.

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Jeff Ogden
Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers

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