My review of the book Profit Heroes

Before I had my major accident, I received the book, Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building ProfitsProfitHeroesBook by Bob Rickert. That’s why my review is posting on the last day of July and not in April. (I took a major fall and almost died.)

I was a bit skeptical, I admit. I’ve been in sales for over a quarter century and I’ve been through every sales training course known to man, so what do I have yet to learn?

Bob’s book has a simple message indeed. Focus on how your company offerings can improve the profits of your customers!

The demand of this approach is considerable.

  • Do you have salespeople who can read and understand financial statements?
  • Do you have software tools to translate the output of your offering in financial results?
  • Are your implementation processes able to measure financial results?

Bob also uses a nice example to start the book on how a company that owns relationships and looks like the clear winner, loses to an upstart that focuses on how they can help the buyer improve profitability.

I found this information eye-opening and I bet you will too I recommend all sales leaders buy and read the book (it’s very inexpensive at the Amazon listing above.) and they should present their findings to the Board of Directors. Moving your business to this will not be easy.

What do you think? Love to read your comments.

This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor – President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp

3 thoughts on “My review of the book Profit Heroes

  1. I worked for years with Bob Rickert, and his down-to-earth, unassuming style just kept on bringing in new business. No showy presentations, just simple business modeling. He was a legend and a pleasure to work with.

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