Clueless Hiring Managers – Check out this example

For the role of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Dear Jeffrey, Thank you for the interest you have expressed in the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer position and in employment with Atrion Networking. At this time, we have decided to concentrate our attention on other candidates who we believe best meet the current needs of our… Read More

Check out Resources at Find New Customers for great free B2B marketing content

Find New Customers looks better than ever, thanks to my good friend Arthur Germain of Communication Strategy Group, who did tons of work to improve it. Thanks Arthur! Arthur also simplified the website and we reorganized the Resources tab to make our great content on BtoB marketing easy to find – for you. You can… Read More

10 Great Marketing Tips from Find New Customers

Here are 10 #Marketing Tips I presented to a 100 employee Saas software company in Cambridge, MA recently.  They loved these tips and for good reason. These tips come from the award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden  President of Find New Customers, who has never once sued a client.  (Others have – like his former employer.)… Read More

Fixing the Appalling State of Marketing in Florida

Asking «COMPANY_NAME» 5 direct marketing questions We’re fixing this problem, by bringing the Business Marketing Association to Tampa, headed by Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers. As an award-winning marketing expert, Jeff Ogden, President of Find New Customers, has been calling and visiting the websites of Tampa Bay area company.  Though there were a… Read More

The 5 Most Important Questions Hiring Managers Should Ask – but Don’t

Hiring managers are making a big mistake – they are asking the wrong questions.  Most often they want to know your role and for whom you worked. But that’s the wrong question. For instance, to hire a Demand Generation Manager, they might be looking for someone who did that role for a competitor.  But my… Read More

My Team is Behind on our Numbers. We are struggling to catch up.

Those words came from a sales representative  in the Boston area yesterday.  I felt sorry for this sales guy. In my mind, companies struggling to make their numbers on the last few days of Q3, like this company, have a failure in marketing. Marketing is a business investment that takes time to pay off.  For… Read More

What Makes Jeff Ogden a Great Marketing Leadership Candidate?

Meet Your New Chief Marketing Officer – Jeff Ogden As the video says, there are plenty of good marketing candidates out there today for you to consider. Lots of them have worked for big companies. But there is one thing they don’t have that Jeff Ogden has, thanks to Marketing Made Simple TV – the… Read More

Godzilla vs. King Kong aka Hubspot vs.

At their recent Inbound Marketing conference, Hubspot announced the release of their first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This announcement puts them squarely into battle with one of the toughest firms on Earth, In fact, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers has a great relationship with both companies. I was a guest on Hubspot… Read More

The Business Marketing Association is coming to Tampa Bay soon

The Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay will be led by Jeff Ogden, award-winning marketing expert and President of Find New Customers. To learn about the BMA, please visit, The domain of this chapter will be The Twitter ID will be @bmatpq1. This is exciting news for Tampa Bay and since Jeff Ogden… Read More