3 Marketing Tips I Learned in Orlando

@HenryDeVries, marketing expert and author (photo here) just recently held a Marketing with Books and Henry DeVriesSpeaking session in Orlando recently.

I learned three important marketing tips for this session that I’d like to share with my readers.

  1. Use R&D – not Research and Development, but Rob and Duplicate
    The best ideas in marketing have already been done by others.  Take those great ideas and rob and duplicate them for yourself.
  2. Write for business publications
    Make sure your content is free, if they will publish your resource box. (That is your name and company info.)
  3. Post a media page on your website
    Take all those publications you get and post them to your website.

Use those three simple ideas to improve your marketing no matter if your business is midsized or small.

What do you think? Love comments here.

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This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor – President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp


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