Why Marketing Automation Software is like a set of nice golf clubs

Find New Customers has had many clients who have purchased marketing automation such as Marketo and Act-On Software, but they are using it mainly for email marketing. Expensive software only used for email marketing!

This blog is written by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor – President of Find New Customers. You can follow me on Twitter at @fearlesscomp

That is like, I think, buying an expensive set of golf clubs — but failing to invest in golf lessons (Find New Customers).  You won’t become a great golfer without lessons, but good clubs won’t hurt your game either.Golf

This is epitomized by one of our former clients – a data security software company in the northeast that uses Marketo.

I’ve been reading the Wall St. Journal for years. (on my iPad) and data security has been all over the news recently – Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot have all been hit badly. But were they mentioned in any of these news articles? No, they were not. But their top competitor was, Voltage Security Inc.

This is a clear failure of marketing, in my mind.  They need to be the thought leader in the area of data security.  But they are failing miserably.  They should buy David Meerman Scott’s book on Newsjacking and read it. This is, plain and simple, a failure of marketing.

They should have published information immediately when these news stories appeared.  They could have even taking controversial stands. But they don’t have a Chief Marketing Officer and they are penny-wise and pound foolish. This has hurt their revenue stream.

What do you think? Love comments here.

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One thought on “Why Marketing Automation Software is like a set of nice golf clubs

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